Little Known Secrets and Golf Tips For Beginners

Little Known Secrets and Golf Tips For Beginners

By Timothy S Jenkins

No two people will ever have the same golf game or the same golf swing. That much you can be sure of. If you’re just beginning to find the joys in playing golf or you’re still on the verge of considering the sport, I’m sure you are also in the lookout for golf tips for beginners. First and foremost, it is important that you work on your golf swing first. Once you find your very own golf swing you will be able to continue improving on it as you progress on the golf course.

Perfecting your very own golf game will take loads of time and practice. However, when you are finally comfortable with holding a club, practicing hard will still feel like shooting the breeze. Here are some golf tips that beginners can practice whether in the living room, office or out there on the driving range.

Be Still: Avoid Moving Your Head

The position of your head before you swing should be aligned with your spine. Avoid tucking your head close to your chest and looking straight down because it will interfere with the proper execution of your golf swing. Also, you want to raise your nose just a bit so that your left shoulder will fit right under your chin. Remember to keep your eye on the ball at all times because this will help you keep your head from moving to and fro. This is one of the very effective golf tips for beginners.

Get a Good Grip: Hold Your Club the Right Way

Even if you are keeping your head still and your hips swayed at the right way, if you do not have a good grip on your golf club, your golf swing will yield unsuccessful results. How to grip your club is one of the very important golf tips for a beginner. If you’re holding your club, your hands should not be facing right down. You should have your hands to the side, like you’re about to shake somebody’s hand, thumbs going in the same direction as the head of the golf club. Also, you have to be relaxed and comfortable enough with the way you’re holding your golf club. For a beginner in golf, practicing this golf tip will help you be on your way to hitting balls faster.

Body Motion: Be Aware of Your Body

A lot of people do not know that golf uses a lot of muscles. If you’re not careful, you might hurt your back in the process. Using the wrist might be the obvious golf tip for beginners but really it is not. You have to understand that a good golf swing comes from the legs and the trunk of your body. Also, a golf beginner should take note of having the correct golf fitness to be able to really play the game.

Even if you’re still contemplating on whether to take up this sophisticated sport, be sure you are getting good golf tips for beginners. If you’re still too shy and afraid of tackling the greens, you can start practicing your drive in a driving range. Keep in mind these golf tips for a beginner and soon you’ll be hitting it out with the pros!

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